Joy Essential Oil

Monday, September 15, 2014

"Joy to the world..."

Okay, I won't do that. Not yet. It's only September.

Today, I want to talk about JOY! in, Joy essential oil

From Young Living: Joy is a luxuriously exotic blend with uplifting overtones that creates magnetic energy and brings joy to the heart. When worn as cologne or perfume, Joy exudes and alluring and irresistible fragrance that inspires romance and togetherness. When diffused, it can be refreshing and uplifting.

Joy was one of the first oils I used upon receiving my Premium Starter Kit (Yes, it comes in the kit!), diffusing it with peppermint. I love the fragrance! 

So, how can you use Joy?

  • A few drops on a wet wash cloth and added to your washing machine gives your laundry a nice, fresh scent.
  • Add 2-4 drops to bath salts for a relaxing bath. Joy aids in helping you sleep better.
  • You can apply Joy to your brain vita flex points to stimulate feelings of happiness.
  • Having menstrual cramps? 1-2 drops on the lower abdomen might help.
  • Libido? (Hey, now.) Diffuse up to 1 hour 3 times a day to help the mood.
To purchase Young Living Joy Essential Oil, or to learn even more about it, visit this link. Become a wholesale member with my sponsor ID, 1954589, and receive 24% off this and future orders.

High Five for Friday

Friday, September 12, 2014

I'm linking up with Lauren for High Five for Friday today.

1. I love these people. We don't have any nice family photos of the four of us, so, this is long overdue. Thanks to my mama for taking them for us while on vacation. I'll share more from our vacation soon.

P31 Daily Devotions 

2. I have been receiving the Proverbs 31 Ministries Daily Devotional for the past week in my inbox, and I'm really enjoying them each day.

3. I like vacation, and I like the beach, but I am pretty excited about our 10-day forecast at home. Upper 60's, low 70's. Fall is on its way, and I love it.


4. Wreaths! I am silly excited to hang a wreath on our door this fall. (Although, this isn't really fall-looking, exactly, I love this one.) I'm determined to have a pretty fall porch this year.


5. I'm loving The Nester's book. It's what I expected and a lot more. I needed to read a lot of her words, because I strive to have this perfect-looking home where everything has a place and things look nice. I get cranky when we don't have the money I wish we did to decorate sometimes. Other days, I embrace the "lived in" look that comes with having very young children, and it is what it is. I love her quote, "What if we welcomed people into the mess, the lacking, and the undone? Imperfections bear witness to the fact that we are normal, approachable, real people. Why try to hide that?" Truth.


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Gabe just met the ocean for the first time in his little life on our vacation. I expected him to be a fan, as he seems to love most things water, mess and sand. Sure enough, he loved it, down to chasing the seagulls and yelling, "BUHD, BUHD!"

Isn't it so great to watch these little ones experience things for the first time?
So much excitement!
So much fun!
So much amazement!

Ah, yes, the beach life. Isn't it grand? Slow mornings, coffee refills, nice walks, a dip in the pool and right into the hot tub. 

Repeat, repeat.

I do love it, even when the first 3 days are filled with first year molars coming in, feisty tantrums (and endless reminders from Nanny about how he's just like his mama, throwing his little body on the floor in a fit of drama...what can I say?), a sick feverish three-year-old, and endless rain.

What matters is, my to-do list is still at home and not here. We're making memories.