Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I'm trying to figure out what side to bring along to my parents' picnic this weekend. Something patriotic, and my last resort is one of those American flag lookin' things with the berries. It's cute, but it's e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.

I'm watching the Robertson men frog hunt, and wondering why one would want to do such a thing. Silly rednecks.

I may have a little regret for "cutting Gabe off" when it comes to nursing. I mean, it was cold turkey, basically. Granted, I was a bit on the fence (Was it just me keeping it going, or did he really want it, and how can you tell?), but I may have Googled something tonight along the lines of nursing again after stopping 2-3 weeks ago. I feel like I should run with it since we're done, but part of me feels bad. That's silly, right? Just tell me it's silly.

I'm wondering why there are so many hair tutorials out there for "messy waves." I it that difficult that so many people need to cover this topic? It makes me laugh...literally. If you've done one of these tutorials, I'm sorry. It's probably because people asked how you did it, and I get it, I just have to laugh. Oh...and I did one in 2012, so, it's not's you and me. ;-)

I'm regretting all of the cookies I consumed today, but HOORAY, there are no more cookies in this house! So, I guess it's really a win. (I like cookies. A lot. Too much.)

I'm really excited for my very first newborn session tomorrow morning. Also a bit nervous.

Wondering if Lots of Lavender was such a great idea to pop in my Scentsy warmer this morning. I like it, but eh...might need something more tropical-smelling tomorrow. Note to self.

Impressed I just blogged 3 days in a row. 

...going to watch Orange is the New Black and spend time with the husband. Bye!


  1. I just got a new scentsy - coconut lemon or something like that - smells yummy and very tropical!

    1. Coconut Lemongrass was one of the first scents I ever bought when I became a consultant. Still a favorite! :-) Great choice.

  2. I giggle at a lot of hair tutorials. I used Lavender when Maddie was a baby, now I enjoy more tropical scents.


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